Butterfly extensometer Reinforced extensometer Butterfly Extended tester Extensometer calibrator DY-1/DY-2 (DY-1(Short rod)+Dial gauge)


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Product Description
Butterfly extensometer is mainly used to measuring some nonmetal material's mechanical properties. Can measure material's displacement and strain with universal testing machine, and material's elastic mold and yield strength can be obtained by conversion. And can be used for deformation control of rebar drawing process. Butterfly extensometer can be used in indoor or outdoor. need not revise.So it is widely used for analyzing and controlling industrial displacement or strain,specially for measuring mechanical property of twisted steel

Technical Parameters
Maximum size of the clamping specimen: diameter of the cylinder specimen 0 ~ 25mm, thickness of plate specimen 0 ~ 25mm.
Size range of gauge length: 30~120mm(Short rod), 200~250mm(Long rod).
Equipped with a scale:
Dial indicator: measuring range: 0 ~ 3mm; division value: 0.01mm
Dial gauge: measuring range: 0 ~ 1mm; division value: 0.001mm
Accuracy: 1 level

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