Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer – Pedestal


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The folks at Dyna-King have enhanced the Barracuda Indexer, the vise with ball bearings for smooth rotation and an indexing knob that "clicks" at 8 angles as you rotate the head, with added features like a freely rotating body, a new innovative angle adjustment "shaft" (which allows the whole vise to angle up or down!); new bobbin mount design (it moves up, down and around); and an additional 90 degree handle. As with the original Barracuda, this vise also has tool steel jaws that will accommodate hooks ranging from size 24 to 10/0, brass knobs all throughout the vise, a hardened cam lever, rotational lock and drag adjustment, and a forcing cone which adjusts the tension. Choose from either an oversized pedestal base or a large clamp base with an outrigger. A centering gauge is included.
Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer Pedestal Tying Vise - Fly Tying