Micrometer Click Wrench 1/2 Inch 50-250 Lb/Ft -2Pack


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Fixed-Ratchet Head Style; Patented Roller Release Mechanism Increases Reliability And Accuracy By Eliminating Virtually All Friction; Patented Plunger Roller Bearings Extend Life And Repeatability By Reducing Over 95% Of The Friction At The Interface Between The Plunger And The Case; Patent Pending Lock Ring Is Simple To Use And Durable For Environments Where Torque Settings Are Frequently Being Changed; High Grade Alloy Springs Maintains Accuracy Even After Hundreds Of Thousands Of Cycles; Accurate To 3% Of The Settings From 20% Of Full Scale To Full Scale In Both The Clockwise And Counterclockwise Directions; Premium Made With Care; Machined, Chromed And Assembled To Ship In American Made Cases From Des Plaines Il Usa Since 1938; All-Steel Construction Of Aerospace Quality Steel; What A Click Torque Wrench Should Be, No Substitutions; Packaged In A Plastic Case.
Micrometer Click Wrench 1/2 Inch 50-250 Lb/Ft -2Pack.